Multiplying knowledge

Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge from books and articles, but primarily from working on countless projects and collaborating with talented professionals from many disciplines. With the Mijksenaar team, we use this expertise to advise clients and professionals about how to optimize visitors’ wayfinding experience. We take advantage of our many years of experience, always implementing lessons learned from previous projects to continuously improve and develop our work.

We always start with a thorough analysis. We put ourselves in the shoes of the visitors: How do they ‘read’ the space, what elements draw their attention, and how do they process information on signs and maps? Looking at things from visitors’ point of view is the first step to discover what is needed to optimize the wayfinding experience. By thoroughly analysing environments, people’s expectations, flows, interactions, processes, and information systems, we come up with valuable insights about wayfinding issues and opportunities.

Services we offer include:

  • Natural flow & intuitive wayfinding analysis: We analyse flow and process layouts in existing or planned buildings and investigate how natural flow can be optimized to create intuitive wayfinding.
  • Information design review: We scrutinize all aspects of any information design, and provide feedback on how to achieve optimal clarity, legibility, and functionality.
  • Wayfinding research: We design and perform research to answer your wayfinding-related questions, like: ‘How does visitors’ wayfinding experience influence their appreciation of their visit?’, ‘Which color for our new signage system will offer optimal legibility and stand out the most?’, or ‘Why are our visitors having a hard time finding their way?’.
  • Wayfinding scan: We analyse your current wayfinding situation and share our findings in a presentation or report.
Image: Jurriaan Snikkers
Wayfinding showcase

Nimeto, a trade school in Utrecht, is renovating their building and is taking this opportunity to rethink their wayfinding system. Of course, the new wayfinding system must make students, teachers, and visitors feel welcome and ensure everyone can easily find their way. But that’s not all. Nimeto wants their own wayfinding system to be the best possible business card of their educational program ‘Signmaking & wayfinding’. MijksWise and Eyedog are Nimeto’s advisors throughout the project. The team also includes teachers, so the project process and results can be used in their lessons.






Nimeto Utrecht

Project goal

A new wayfinding system to help people find their way as well as showcase Nimeto’s educational program Signmaking & Wayfinding

Image: MijksWise
Image: MijksWise
Holiday pictograms

Roompot has more than 185 holiday parks in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Spain, ranging from premium resorts to comfortable parks and lovely campsites. Ontwerp: Inne developed the graphic design of their new wayfinding system, including an extensive pictogram set. We served as their sparring partners throughout the design process. Pictograms offer great advantages since they are compact and language independent. But not all pictograms fit the bill! They require clarity and simplicity, as well as coherence and consistency throughout the set. A well-designed pictogram set goes even further, adding an attractive graphic element to information carriers and becoming an integral part of the visual identity of the client.




Ontwerp: Inne

Project goal

Providing wayfinding expertise to support in the design of a pictogram set and signage system

Image: Jose Goncalves
Image: Kramarz